CCQ 735-178


RBQ 5659-5077-01


CNESST 40797691


Our Mission: To create a world full of colors

At Lyskaam, we all come to work everyday because we want to create value by helping people understand how colors impact our daily lives, our homes, workplaces, surroundings and our attitude. Colors have a miraculous power therefore we believe painting itself is the end-all and be-all of our work.

Lyskaam started its Journey in 2015 after taking over and rebranding Quality Painting, an enterprise with seventeen years of successful market stake and a combined experience of ninety years. Now we cater our clients within the broader spectrum of our expertise.

Our commitment to our customers and partners remains our highest priority. By rebranding ourselves as Lyskaam Coatings Inc and becoming a diverse coating solutions company and emerging into industrial, institutional sectors and enhancing Residential and Commercial areas at large, we believe that we are providing our customers with the best services available to the market today while creating value for their properties and in their lives.

All our designated teams for each sector never compromises on quality because goodwill towards others, is a good business.

Lyskaam works hand and hand with architects, designers and engineers to solve some of the most difficult challenges when it comes to fluid applied, protective and decorative floor systems.

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Why Us?

Lyskaam has been a top choice for rejuvenating real-estate assets inside out, the reasons to name a few;

  • Licensed from Regie du Batiment du Quebec RBQ# 5659-5077-01
  •  All our painters are CCQ qualified (Commission de le Construction du Quebec)
  •  All our staff is ASP certified. (Association paritaire pour la santé et la sécurité du travail du Secteur de la Construction)
  •  Insured for an aggregate of Five Million Dollars
  • Project Managers
  • A well implemented Health and Safety Prevention plan
  • Top notch customer service
  • Aligns with budgets, we make money while saving you big bucks with our versatile supplier range and different propositions for your projects.
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