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Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is an industrial technique that achieves an esthetic finishing with distinctive spray machine. The electro applicator machine is not a regular spray gun; these are unique craftsmen that spray single component or two component paint product, usually solvent based and are conducive to bonding.

The electrostatic application art reduces problems with uneven coverage and overspray like conventional spray system. It creates a strong bond. It also covers a three-dimensional object more evenly with a right edge and wrap-around coverage. It saves paint by having a high transfer efficiency, using less to finish the project than a regular sprayer. Also, the finish will look better because it has a very uniform paint thickness.

  • No overspray
  • Fast drying
  • Durable
  • Factory Finish
At the tip of the machine gun, there is a small electrode, which creates high voltage electricity. As the paint particles travel at a slow speed through this corona of power, they become negatively charged.
The substrate is grounded, positively charged surface with a magnetic attraction to the negatively charged paint. As paint is sprayed, the overspray paint may initially travel off in a different direction but will turn back to the positively charged object and stick to it. The paint will stick to any surface that is conductive. Metal is an ideal surface.
Electrostatic paint sprayers work well with oil-based paints. Paints are prepared on site with added solvents to make them entirely charged. We use handpicked products offering high standards and long lifespan.
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