CCQ 735-178


RBQ 5659-5077-01


CNESST 40797691

Spray Painting 

Spray painting remains a popular choice for professional craftsmen in heavy-duty industries and provides an accelerated way to apply high-quality paint coatings to a wide range of surfaces at a fraction of the time as compared to Brushes and Rolls. Spray painting requires a very detailed and precise preparation prior painting. This method is very productive for difficult surfaces, structural ceilings, steel decks and large areas. Spray painting is very technical and has many benefits but not limited to;

  • Speed and Efficiency
  • Controlled Atomisation
  • Versatile Applications
  • Reduced Waste
  • Uniform appearance

These benefits largely outweigh any other commercial painting method quite simply because the mass production and time constraints in commercial/Industrial sector require fast-paced painting that efficiently delivers exceptional results.

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