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Every homeowner eventually comes to the point where they want to do some renovations at their house. It could be for a number of reasons;

  • you want to sell for top-dollar
  • maybe you need more space
  • or simply want a change of decor

But most people don’t know how to get value out of a renovation, or what steps to take to get a particular look. Painting is the most popular home improvement task, which comes with a variation of price tags.

We understand that, hence our partnership with Desjardins brings you a tool that you can lean on,instant financing, so you can ease the cost and pay over time at

  • 0% interest1* with an equalized payment plan
  • Repay the balance in whole or in part at anytime without penalty
  • Financing application only takes a few minutes to complete with your sales representative at the store and you have your answer in minutes
  • Approved financing2* amount directly available with your Visa Desjardins card; no other action required on your part
  • Flexible payment options depending on the participating retailer
    • Buy now and pay later. No credit charges or payments during the grace period.
    • Repay in equal payments with or without credit charges.
    • Buy now and repay your purchase in equal payments after a grace period.
  • Bill payment on AccèsD.
  • Interest rate separate from the Visa Desjardins card rate.
  • Paper or electronic monthly statement of account.

1* Certain conditions apply (details in store).
2* Subject to approval by the Desjardins Card Services credit department.