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All you need to know about Lyskaam Services

Life can go boring without colors, isn’t it? But colors have a much bigger role to play in your life than just make your life exciting. The color you fill in your drawing can tell a lot about your personality, the color of that shirt or pant you wore today can actually have a huge impact on your productivity. So just imagine, if these small things have the power to make a long-lasting impression (whether good or bad), then how much impactful is the color of your home or office? Having positive people around you is a good thing, but it is a must to have positive color combinations around where you spend most of your day, in order to boost the quality of your life. It’s great to fill colors in your drawing book by yourself, but when it comes to actually painting the bigger blocks, hiring an expert can give you a return on investment for years to come. We are proudly one of them and are always willing to give you a colorful life. Here are the services we provide:-

1. Painting

Lyskaam - Professional Painting Services in Montreal
A wise man once said, “Painting is not a juvenile’s job”. Yeah, it’s true. You might say “How hard it can be? All I have to do is pick a brush, pick paint and start painting”. But give it another thought. Painting is more complex than this because it’s not just about putting colors to the wall, it is also about preparing the wall first to get the desired and long-lasting output. Let’s look at the difference you will feel after adding better colors to your surroundings:-

1. Positive environment
2. Positive start to your day
3. Increases the value of your property
4. Better productivity
5. And yeah! better health

2. Intumescent

An intumescent is a passive fire protection coating for the walls you are within. I bet you haven’t understood that. Let me clarify. There are two types of fire protection methods- Active fire protection and passive fire protection. Active fire protection methods need an active person or other automatic systems that, at the time of the fire that can reduce or stop the effects of fire on the wall. Examples of active fire protection methods are automatic sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc. On the other side, the passive fire protection method does not need any active human being or other automatic systems. One of the passive fire protection methods for the wall is intumescent. An intumescent is applied to the steel in layers and thus increases the thickness. At normal temperatures, it will be as stable as a statue. But whenever the fire situation arises, the increased temperature causes a chemical reaction and the intumescent coating will expand multiple times its original thickness in order to save your walls like a superhero. Intumescent can also be mixed with your desired color and thus will give you a perfect combination of protection and prosperity.

3. Epoxy Coating

Do you want your floors to shine while making it more durable? Then epoxy coating is your solution. But first, let me clear you the difference between epoxy paint and epoxy coating. Epoxy coating is the coating with no paint, whereas epoxy paint adds the magic of color with the protective coating. Epoxy coating is a mixture of two components, one is an epoxy resin and the other is polyamine hardener. Epoxy resin gives the floor a shine while the hardener contributes to the durability and scratch resistance of the floor. Apart from these epoxy coating also gives you water resistance and fire resistance, thus increasing the return on your investments.

4. Spray Painting

Lyskaam - Professional Painting Services in Montreal
As the name suggests, spray painting is one of the methods of painting your walls but it is not just another method. Spray painting has benefits like no one else, which are:-

– Speed
– effectiveness
– Even appearance
– less wastage

Spray painting is an ideal choice for any organization or household which is impatient and desperate to watch their walls painted and also for buildings having difficult surfaces.

5. Blasting

Lyskaam - Professional Painting Services in Montreal
At Lyskaam we not only help you to have rainbows around you, but we also help you to cleanse your industrial and commercial elements such as structural steel, I-beams, bulk storage tanks, etc. We specialize in sandblasting which helps to remove rust, mill scale, old coatings and contaminated coatings. We can achieve a profile from 0.5 mils to 5 mils thick. Mil is a unit of length which is equivalent to 0.0254 millimetres. Our service gives you options to sandblast steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminium and glass at all blasting levels according to your own requirements.

6. Pressure Washing

Lyskaam - Professional Painting Services in Montreal
Having great walls is not enough. It should also be properly maintained and cleaned once in a while so that you can have healthier walls. Not to mention that the quality of walls can dictate the quality of the people living within. Walls accumulate dirt and dirt accumulate more dirt and thus creating a layer on the walls and deteriorate them, causing health problems.

But every problem has a solution and the best solution here is pressure washing. It is a cost-and-time effective method which ensures that your loved ones are living in a healthier place. In addition to that, it also removes the stains and beautifies your walls. And yeah! clean and healthy walls cannot be easily demolished by any other kingdom.

7. Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic painting is a modern day painting technique which uses a special type of spray machine. This spraying machine can spray single or two component paint product and helps to create a great bond between paint and the wall, thus increases the life span of the paint. This method gives your wall an exquisite finish while consuming less paint as it does not overspray and nor it creates unevenness on the wall. These are some of the benefits of the electrostatic painting:-

– It dries quickly
– Lasts long
– Beautiful results
– Even finish
– Less consumption of paint

8.  Designers

Lyskaam - Professional Painting Services in Montreal
A good pair of clothes can make a man look great but what makes him attractive is his personality. Same goes for your walls. Painting makes your wall looks great but the design on your walls makes it alive. Most people ask “Why designing? Why should I spend money on it?”, But let’s reconsider it. First of all, if you are planning to sell your property then having a wall that talks can increase the value of your property by multiple times the amount you will pay to the designer. On the other part, living or working inside the beautifully designed walls can make you happier, more productive, spread positivity and yeah believe it or not but it also impacts your(and your loved ones too) health in a positive way.

We are on a mission to spread happiness and positivity in your life, whether personal or professional, through these  services. Providing our clients with the best results and being above their expectations is what we think and do all day. But you know what’s the best part? Lyskaam also relieves your stress through our easy financing system, so that you can enjoy the results to the fullest. Do contact us for any queries and services, we are always happy to help.