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Eco Friendly Interiors – The Next Big Thing

Why do you think there is such a hype around for going eco-friendly nowadays? The answer is simple – we as humans are the biggest contributors to the exhaustion of natural resources and its only us who can think to fix this.  There are certain natural phenomena that have hampered at an alarming rate in the past few decades and what do you think, nature won’t give it back to us? It sure will. The polar ice caps are deteriorating, the ocean water levels are rising, trees are being cut for creating commercial and residential spaces. The advancement in technology has made our life better, however, it is also one of the key factors responsible for the rise in various pollution levels one way or the other. What do you think, what is the purpose of mentioning all this?

Because we are the reason. Humans have a tendency to deteriorate everything they put their feet on. For example- Social media, a great place to meet and connect with people all over the world, now seems like a hub of spams and noise with some music in-between. Nuclear fusion was originally intended to be a new and better source of energy for households. Now it’s almost like a threat to the existence of mankind. We are creating things but at a very big cost, and I strongly believe this is the time that we start paying back to nature as well and start taking care of it. Go eco-friendly, avoid plastic, save energy, use bicycles or plant more trees, there are so many things that we can start with.

Today, we ‘Lyskaam – Paint Service in Montreal‘ are here to share some suggestions to take the first steps towards serving nature that starts right at your home, and yes, ideas to create an eco-friendly environment in homes. Eye-catching interiors, that would be a nice payback for nature and an essential step towards the well-being of your family members as well. Enough of sermon now, let’s see how and what all we can do to create eco-friendly interiors.

1. Go green inside your home:-

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal

When we talk about eco-friendliness, this suggestion is always coming. And why not? It is the most rewarding and economical advice we can have. Planting small plants inside your home will not only just act as air purifier but it will also increase the green factor in your room. For your information, green is a the color of creativity and positivity. And who doesn’t want positivity in this fast-paced world? The most basic way of going green is to use pots to plant. But if want to go a bit further then you can also consider having a vertical garden to go green for your interior. Vertical gardens are surely going to catch you a lot of attention, not to mention the exquisiteness it will provide.

2. Use better lights to make your future bright:-

Traditional lights are known to release greenhouse gases which is not a friend of the environment and not even yours!! These pollutants released have harmful effects on your health as it can cause you asthma or cardiovascular disease. I am pretty sure that you don’t want to go everywhere with a pump to make you breathe properly. So replace all your traditional lights with compact fluorescent lights and reduce the greenhouse emission from your house. To delight you, even more, fluorescent lights also consume less electricity. So that gives you no reason not to implement this one.

3. Recycle to reduce waste:-

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Do you care what your vase is made up of? or your photo frame? or the showpiece you keep to make the room more appealing? The weight of using unrecycled things is getting higher and higher every day. And our mother earth will not be able to lift it for a longer period of time. So it’s our duty “not” to make things worse because already 8-10 million tonnes of plastic gets dumped in the ocean every year. That’s the number for the plastic only!! But how it affects you? Sea creatures most likely consume plastic to some extent. That sea creature ends up in your stomach. There are a lot of companies out there which produces items from recycled material. Buy from them and contribute to a better world.

4. Organic finishes and textiles:-

Do you know the paint and fabrics around you can be the reason for the inferior air quality at your home? Yes, paints and fabrics might have VOC i.e. volatile organic compounds that need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Fabric can be anything like carpet, rug, curtains, etc. Check out for paint labelled as “low odour” or “low VOC” and fabrics made of natural components. Water-based colors will be a good option to consider. And for further expert guidance, you can contact Lyskaam- paint service in Montreal. Or even for paint solutions at a reasonable price.

5. Allow wool or organic materials to make you cosy

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal

Bed always attracts human towards it as gives the comfort we are working for. But that comfort might end you up in a hospital bed. Why so? Because most of the mattresses, pillows, beddings contains a lot of harmful chemicals that might not be good for you. But every problem has a solution and this one too surely does. Use stuffs made of wool or any other organic materials to control the damage to a lot of extents. But how is it eco-friendly? By promoting nature, you are decreasing the demand for synthetic materials, which during the process of manufacturing creates a lot of harmful waste.

6 Wood or stone under your feet

Using traditional flooring on your home or covering your floor with synthetic carpets can turn out costly for you. And as always, it’s the harmful releases that we have to blame. But before this turn costly for you, why not you pay your dues today and live with peace in future? What I mean is to install a wooden or stone flooring inside your home. Yeah, it fetches more money than the traditional one but it’s a one-time-investment to reap the rewards forever. And I almost forgot to mention that this suggested flooring looks beautiful.

Nature needs us more than ever or we can say we need nature more than ever. So now is time to invest for the betterment of yourself by investing in nature. You don’t have to do everything today but at least start taking some baby steps toward it. Every contribution matters. That’s why we, Lyskaam- Montreal Painting Services are here to take care of the organic finishes for your walls.