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Budget Ideas for a Great Curb Appeal

These days the word “curb appeal” seems like a buzzword in the field of paint service. But it’s our duty to keep in front of you the real meaning of it and then provide you with ways to use “curb appeal” in order to sell your home at a whopping price or to make your home’s appearance the talk of the town. So what’s curb appeal? It’s the attractiveness of a property and it’s surroundings when viewed from the street. So if the passers can’t break the eye-contact with your home, pat on your back for keeping your home’s “curb appeal” appealing. If not, then you need to seriously consider what we are about to suggest. And the good news is that most curb appeal ideas don’t come heavy on your savings. That’s why gradually making small investments for your home will reap you handsome rewards in the long run. Here are some easy curb appeal ideas at a budget:-

1. Paint the front door

Ever wondered how much attractive a girl becomes after applying a good lipstick? The same difference can be made by painting the door to get the attention of passers and prospects (if you want to sell your home). It is one of the easiest though among the highest rewarding ones on the list. So make sure to apply the color that appeals. To pick a better color check out our article on “the true nature of colors”.

2. Upgrade porch lighting fixtures

Porch lights are a great option to brighten up your exteriors. But don’t make any mistake by thinking that it matters only on the night. These days lighting fixtures with great designs are easy to find. So that creates a good welcome impression on anyone. Porchlight fixtures are easy to install in most of the cases.

3. Add potted plants, flowers, etc

If this list has to be shrunk to one option, this one would be it. Having potted plants, creepers, flowers don’t just attract honeybees, it also attracts “wow” from people, including your jealous neighbours. Plus, it also creates a positive environment and purifies the air around your surroundings. You will be shocked to see how many designer stands are there to grow creepers on it. Flowers boxes around your windows will make the view even more charming, either from inside or outside. That’s why it’s an absolute must.

4. Birdhouse and bird feeders

Probably the cutest thing in the list. Adding birdhouse and bird feeders is really inexpensive and it will also rack you up the points for good deeds in the god’s system. And who knows if an actual bird family comes to live there to add up the charm. If you have kept water for birds, then we suggest to change it frequently because stationary water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

5. Add a Swing

It’s really calming to sit on the swings at night or on a holiday and enjoy the moment. In addition to that, it also adds to the beauty and charm of your home’s outer look. You can add a swing to the porch or garden. It’s relatively more expensive and takes a bit of time to install but you should give it a serious thought especially if you have kids or senior citizens in your family.
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6. Power washing

You can take power washing like the facewash you do every day. The facewash instantly cleanses your face and make it brighter. Similarly, power washing removes the dirt accumulated on the walls which contribute to dullness of it. Not to mention power washing also makes the surroundings more happening and breathable. So it’s always advisable to have a power wash once or twice a year. But does it sound like a very costly thing to do? Not with Lyskaam- paint service in Montreal that provides quality service at reasonable rates.

7. Cover up a portion of your Garden with Slate Tiles

Having slate tiles is a great option to consider to get one up on the garden’s appearance. It’s like having a definite path from the main gate to your porch or front door. To get even better results, you can buy designer tiles or place them in a certain pattern for example- zig-zag manner. Yeah I know it might cost you some bucks on purchasing the tiles and then some on installing it. But when it’s all done, you will see why we had it on our list.

8. Create a Front yard Seating Area.

Having a seating area can be as simple as putting a chair there or a bit more money-fetching as putting a dining table there. It really is soul-soothing to have breakfast over the garden with some greenery. The other option you have as it’s worth repeating is to have a swing on your garden area. But if you have a tree planted within your borders then it’s the best idea to have a tree bench. Just to clarify, a tree bench is a sitting area made around a tree. It looks super cool.

9. Paint your Home Exterior

Whenever there is a discussion of increasing curb appeal, this advice is a given. It has the highest impact of all the mentioned recommendations. Quality paint is not only about appearances it provides, but it’s also about how much resistible it is to the external factors that deteriorate it. External factors are like sunlight, dirt, pollution, rain, the effects of natural calamities, etc. So to select quality paint we recommend you to read our article “Types of Paints � Pick as per your Requirements”. But to get personalized advice and service, contact Lyskaam.

10. Add Porch Curtains

Porch curtains are something that we don’t see often. Homeowners overlook or neglect this inexpensive thing. If you are one of them then you are doing a big mistake. But this mistake can be corrected very easily if actioned upon immediately. Curtains look beautiful at your outdoors and it can also give you a bit of privacy while sitting in the porch area.

11. Door knocker

Door knocker? Seriously? Are you kidding me? These might be the questions popping out of your head when you read the heading. But seriously, I am not kidding. If you take some time out of your busy life and visit a “Door” store or just google it then you can find some absolutely amazing and creative door knockers. This one will go well with the door paint advice given earlier.

12. Update Garage Door

A lot of people love cars. That’s why they have the liking for the place where they keep it as well. Thus it won’t be a good idea to ignore it, especially if are about to sell your home. Garage doors can be upgraded with as easy task as painting it or as an expensive task as replacing the whole door, depending upon how much you can loosen up your pockets.

The place we live dictates a lot about the quality of our life. Just imagine coming to home with overgrown grass or dull exterior paint after working all day long. I bet you don’t even notice that. Why? Because there is nothing to notice. It’s similar to all other houses in your neighbour. Just to make it clear, exterior designs or curb appeal is not just about showing off. It’s also about creating a positive environment around our house. It’s about creating something that distinguishes and something we are proud of. And all that is for your own peace of mind and betterment.