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Great House Remodeling Ideas for Summers

Summer is a luxury in Canada. During winters this luxury turns very costly and has the potential to shake our monthly budget. Summer is an ideal time to get our home repairs and renovations done because winters bring with it a flood of demand for home repair professionals and due to that the charges also soars. And it is needless to say that it’s a tedious task for any professional during winters. Monsoon is also not that friendly for these tasks. Then we are left with summer.

So whether you want to winter-proof your home or thinking of a renovation, do it in summers for your own sake. Why? Because it won’t come hard on your savings and any other season will make it a rough ride for you during those days. Now we have answered, why summer? So let’s head to another important question i.e. what are the best summer remodels for a home?

1. Spruce Up The Exterior

This technique alone has the power to change the face of your home. Plus, the curb appeal of your home will take an upsurge as well. What’s more? Summer will help you to dry up your paint quickly. Winters of Canada are always harsh on our home, ruining the quality of its exterior. But every winter is followed by summer, an ideal time to lift our home’s look. But we recommend going for paint in the later part of summer as it has its negative effects (but less severe than other seasons) as well. By the way, for smooth service and competitive prices, contact Lyskaam- Paint Service in Montreal.

2. Enhance The Landscaping

Garden landscape is a great and cost-effective option to make your home distinguished from others. But it is not to just please others because a beautiful landscape is what you can enjoy on weekend mornings or at night after coming from work. The beauty of flowers and trees has the power to turn on your “happy” mode. You can start by putting some flower pots on your garden, giving your grass a trim, planting trees or shaping up the bushes.

3. Upgrade Windows

Bad-quality windows let a huge amount of heat seep out of our home during winters. Thus it increases the cost of warming up our home. That’s why having high-quality windows is a win situation for you in all departments. And opening the window makes up for the heat trapped during summers. Upgrading windows is not much of a hassle as compared to others in the list and also takes relatively lower time to get it done.

4. Replacing a Roof

Our roof is the part that is most exposed to the terror of winters. So it’s needless to say that most beating is also taken by it. Thus it’s a good practice to check for any damages on the roof during the summers. Any damage left unchecked can be troublesome during the monsoon. Also, consider replacing the whole roof when the damage is severe.

5. Pressure Wash

Pressure wash is an easy and pocket-friendly way, especially when done with Lyskaam- Paint Service in Montreal, to keep your house clean and tidy. It’s highly recommended to have a pressure wash once in a year. Why so? Because dust gets accumulated on your walls and deteriorates the quality of air around it. Pressure wash also makes your walls look more beautiful and fresh. And contributes to curb appeal as well.

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6. Clean and Repair Your Gutters

During winter, gutters and the piping system is a lot likely to get damaged. What happens is water tends to freeze in your pipes during winters. Frozen water aka ice takes more space as compared to the same amount of water. Thus creating cracks and damaging the piping system. The chances are good that garbage may block your gutters or at least increases the resistance. So it would be a wise thing to do to check your piping system, clean it and get it up and running if any damage caused.

So these were some of the highly important things to look out this summer for the well being of your home. Don’t forget to remember us, Lyskaam- Paint Service in Montreal, for any kind of paint service or cleaning service at competitive prices. And keep in mind that taking care of your home is your responsibility because it’s the most beloved possession you can have.