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Best Practices to follow before selling your Home

Selling your home can be as emotional (or even more emotional) as buying a home because it is a witness of very precious moments of our life. But don’t let those emotions take you away from a good and profitable deal. If you have made up your mind to sell your home then make the most out of this opportunity and attract as much money as possible to your pocket. And yeah, just keeping a “For Sale. Hurry!!” sign outside your house won’t do that for you. So how to do it? There are some things to do before selling your home. Out of these things, some can reap you better rewards while some boast ease-of-doing. The idea is simple – you invest something in the property to make it lucrative enough to catch the buyers off-guard and reap the maximum reward.  Here with Lyskaam – professional painting services in Montreal, we are featuring some key points to help you prepare your property to get a quick sale for a better price. There are certain organizations in the market, that can help you to stage your home to get a better price, however, if you are intended to take this at your own, here are a few points to consider.

1. Improving energy efficiency

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Higher Resale Values for Energy Efficient Homes (Image Credit – mwalliance.com)

Probably the best thing you could do at your home to get lucrative returns while selling your home. Energy efficiency these days are very important for any household as it can be the deciding factor of whether your monthly budget crosses the line or not. But sadly these days most families overlook this and shed tears at the end of the month. But what to do to make our home miser for energy consumption? Consider heating as the temperature of Canada is usually freezing. Ventilation of air is what makes a room more breathable. You can add windows because it contributes to ventilation as well as lighting.

2. Kitchen Remodel

Known as “the heart of a home”, the kitchen is what comes into limelight for every potential buyer. Surveys have shown that a majority of people have listed kitchen as their favourite room. That’s why a bit remake of the kitchen can work wonders for you. Some cost-efficient things you can do, but not limited to, is to give it a new coat of paint or renovate the cabinet.

3. Landscaping

The first impression matters the most and landscaping is a great way to get a head start. It is a way to delight your potential buyers even before they ring your bell. But it doesn’t necessarily have to make a hole in your pocket. Getting your garden in shape, planting new shrubs, adding a small sitting area like a gazebo, a bench or just a small swing can make your visitors happy.

4. Painting and Rennovation

Lyskaam - Professional Painting Services in Montreal

Newly painted homes can make a huge difference in terms of re-sale

One of the most cost-efficient thing in the list, painting is something that can truly change the look of your home and can be the difference between “Wow” and “Aww”. A good combination of colors attract positivity towards any mind through eyes and hence putting yourself in a position where you can get the best return on investment. If you don’t know which colors to beautify your walls with, then read our blog article on “The true nature of colors” or you can contact us, Lyskaam- Painting Services in Montreal, for expert guidance.

5. Cleaning

Sometimes it happens that we are low on budget or the color looks sleepy, in such cases, it’s advised to give it a bath. Over the years dust gets accumulated on your walls, thus deteriorating the environment and even the quality of air within the walls. A good cleaning can make your walls look like new and fresh as opposed to old and dull when not cleaned. But before cleaning your walls, it’s necessary to keep in mind certain things as listed in our blog article on “How to keep your Wall Clean & Shining” because amateur cleaning can backfire as well. And did I mentioned that we also clean your walls at an affordable price?

6. Bathroom Refurnishing

Seems small, huh? But this tiny thing has the potential to garner a lot of appreciation for your home in the minds of your prospects. The bathroom is considered as an important focal point while selling your home and thus ignoring this part can turn out to be a big mistake. A nudge to renovate your bathroom is that due to its size renovating it won’t cost you your fortune. Some simple upgradation such as changing tiles, replacing bathtub or toilet will also do.

7. Flooring

A floor is something that your prospect cannot overlook because, of course, it’s where they walk. An attractive floor forces your potential buyers to think that the home is in good condition and thus getting one up in their minds. For flooring, you can consider installing hardwood floors, new carpet, etc according to your budget.

Of course, you don’t want to spend a lot in all these stagings points, however, to work on a few can always help you to stage it better. You can plan your budget and make an investment before actually reaping a much bigger profit than the general traditional ways.

Our home is the resultant of years of savings and hard work and it’s not every day that we sell our home. Think of all the restaurant outings you skipped, all the movies you didn’t go for, all the things you and your family compromised. Now, when it’s the time to sell it, you deserve a great return on investment. That’s why pushing a little bit hard on renovating some parts of your home before selling it can be one of the best decisions you might take. And don’t forget that Lyskaam- Paint Service in Montreal is always there for all your painting and cleaning needs.