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How colors affect kids as they Grow?

The number of nerve cells in kids are way higher than in adults. In addition to that, they are unable to differentiate between right and wrong. That’s why these curious angels accept whatever they get along the way, regardless of good or bad, positive or negative. But as their parents, we have to step in and help them to accept the best and forget the rest. But do you know what is your kid’s biggest source of learning? It’s their environment. Every small thing has an impact on their mind whether it’s the game they play, their friends, your behaviour and traits and even the color of their room. Yes, you heard it right, color of your kid’s room affects your kid to a huge extent and yet it is often ignored. But the best part is, paint is the easiest and fastest thing in the list you can change in order to spread positivity. Every color speaks and expresses something. Every color has its own vibes. So consider these colors for your kid’s room and leave no stone unturned to make their future bright:-

1. Green:-
Creativity is something that flows through veins of almost every kid. And this is the quality that the current world needs the most because the real-world implementation of creativity is one of the biggest factor that can differentiate an individual or organization from the rest. So don’t you think that support for their creativity can help them gain a huge advantage in their earlier days of life? So, show your support by going green in their room. Green color boosts creativity and attention.

2. Blue:-
As the world is moving towards improving the standard and quality of human lives, the chaos is increasing and peace is decreasing. So having a stable and peaceful mind is the biggest asset you can own these days. Now the question is, can there be any bigger gift for your kids than the ability to stay calm in any adverse situation? Blue color implies stability and calmness and is one of the top choice for kid’s room.

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3. Orange:-
Orange color is not often used for kid’s room but this underestimated color should be considered because orange is the color of confidence and communication. And when I last checked, communication and confidence were much-required traits (Oh wait… these still are and will continue to be much-required traits). Whether one wants to be a successful employee or an entrepreneur, one always has to market themselves to increase their personal or organizational brand value and that’s where these traits become handy.

4. Yellow:-
Kids always add sparks and happiness to our family, right? Because they themselves are always happy and cheerful, they embrace everything with joy. But they lose this quality as they are exposed to the majorly-materialistic world. So it’s our duty to help them to stay cheerful and that’s where the color yellow comes to play. Yellow is the color of joy and happiness.

Tip- it is always recommended to use the light shades of orange and yellow color because darker shades of these colors can give strain to your eyes.

5. Brown
“If you don’t learn how to ground yourself in the present moment, you will live like a slave to your emotions, rather than a master of them.” said one grounded person. True, right? But in this technology and social media loaded world, it is very rare to see such human being. So if you think that you always rush to show people(in social media) the enjoyment you are having right now instead of actually enjoying it and don’t want to pass this trait to your kid then brown color around them is a must. Brown color helps them to be in the present moment and reminds them to always keep their feet in touch with the Earth.

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6. Purple
Being spiritual is a quality that connects you to your soul and your soul to the “Super Power” that drives the universe. It lets you know more about yourself, the powers you have at your feet and the right direction for your life. So it is self-justified that how much important it is to connect and communicate to the “Super Power”. And the purple color encourages exactly that. In addition to spirituality, purple is also a color of wisdom and passion, which makes people’s life worthwhile.

We can’t always predict the future, but we can take all the necessary steps we can to make the “desired future” most probable. So never ignore the power of color and its effect, especially for kids because they learn from their environment. So consider these colors for your kid’s room and we recommend to go for a combination of them as too much of a single color can reverse its effect. So if you are eager to know the best color combinations for your kid’s room then contact us for your free consultation.

Just realized that after all color therapy is a thing. These are very small details around our day to day life and often we tend to pay not much attention to it. Likely so, as there is no visible impact of such things, however, when we understand that it can be of some use then why not ask your next paint services contractors to fix it for you or choose something more meaningful to decor your home or business. Lyskaam is all about understanding your requirements and offers reliable services at the most affordable prices – if you still have any questions or doubts, just do not hesitate to give us a call!