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How to keep your Wall Clean & Shining?

Do you remember the last time your walls getting a shower? If it is more than a year then your family consists of trillions of living beings. What I mean is dirt and other microbes get accumulated (and multiplied exponentially) in these untouched places, risking the health of your family and causing breathing problems. Quick question. How many of you cannot stand when a car or bus zooms near you, farting dust and smoke? I can see the hands raised. If you can’t handle that for few seconds or minutes then how can you live within the walls glueing the same dust and microbes for years? The point is keeping our environment clean is in our hands and it’s our basic duty. And our environment starts with our home and the place we work in. So consider cleaning your walls at least once in a while. But before that, you need some information on how to do it because it’s not a “take a cloth and start rubbing” job and as far as I remember we are here to improve the quality of your walls, not to demolish them. So here are the steps to keep your walls clean:-

1. Check the type of paint and finish on the wall:-

Type of paint used on wall matters a lot when it comes to cleaning it because different paints have different durability and cohesiveness.

a. Flat, Satin, Eggshell finish:- These finishes are a bit of dull and is considered to be less durable. So it is highly recommended not to go so hard on these walls with a rough cloth and liquid cleaners.

b. Glossy finish:- This a durable finish so it is feasible to use mild cleaners but not a rough cloth or scrub.

c. Latex paint:- recommended to use warm water with a soft sponge and mild cleaners.

d. Oil-based paint:- Go with warm water, detergent solution and a soft sponge.

2. Then use a soft cloth or duster to remove the debris:-

Walls are hard but that doesn’t mean you can use a hard material to get it cleaned until and unless you want to mess with paint. Now before going to actual cleaning, take a soft cloth or duster to remove the easy layer of the dust. This is necessary because the hard layer of dust needs to be attacked upfront in order to get the victory.

tip:- Keep a towel below the wall to be cleaned.Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal

3. Use mild cleaners:-

Now use mild cleaners or warm water according to tip number one. Go gentle and never dare to use abrasive scrubs to wash the walls. A lot of walls also has stubborn stains, spots or patches that cannot be removed using cleaners, but that doesn’t give you a license to go harsh on walls. Instead mildly use baking soda, ammonia or vinegar on these rough patches.

4. Soak the water:-

The last thing you want while cleaning your walls is your paint layer popping out of the walls like a pimple. It happens because excessive water loosens the bond between paint and wall, thus ruining the whole hard work you have done till yet. So never let any fluids stick to your walls for a long time. Soak it with a dry towel or cloth.

Or you can call us to do the same but in a more effective and professional way. By the way, it is a lot easier to pick a phone and ask for expert advice than to clean your walls. We here at Lyskaam provide you with various effective and pocket-friendly options to add life to your walls and then some by cleaning it.