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Prepare your Home for Winters – Things to Know

Winter is always around in Canada and we are always ready to put on our jackets and coats. But what about our own home? Doesn’t it feel cold? Should we cover it with a jacket? Should we even worry about it? Of course.. winter has some very harsh effects on your home which you cannot afford to ignore unless you want your walls cracked and foundation weakened. So today we are going to tell how you can save your home from serious damage and yourself from serious financial damage, but before that, you need to know what’s worse that could happen to your home during winter and why you should put its protection on top most priority:-

Things to Know: –

1. Do you know ice takes more space than water? During winter the moisture in the soil beneath your home freezes, thus taking more space. This causes your foundation to move upwards, damaging the structure of the home, cracking the walls and floors and makes a hole in your pocket as well.

2. The freezing temperature will cause water in your pipes to freeze. As a resultant, it can crack the whole piping system of your home sweet home.

3. If the temperature raises to melt the snow, the water can easily google its way to your basement through the cracks, causing the basement flooding.

4. Not every snow is a John Snow which will give others the path to flourish while sacrificing himself. Snow can block your gutters, thus keeping the water inside your home and causing leaks.

These were only something to start with. But our motto was only to show you how costly it can be to any of the ignoramus during the winters. But as quoted by our wise elders “prevention is always better than cure”. You can too prevent your home from becoming ruins by following these tips and tricks:-


1. Keep your roof snow-free

Snow gets accumulated on your roof during winters, creating ice dams. And that can turn your roof into a shower, causing leakage and jeopardizing its quality. So never collect snow on top of your head and get rid of it as quickly as possible.

2. Save your pipes

It’s hard to bath even with hot water for ourselves in winter, let alone the task of cleaning cold (and maybe even dirty) water leaking from the pipes and then fixing them as well. So protect the pipes by covering it with a warm cloth or pad, especially the ones exposed to lot of cold.

3. Keep an eye on chimney

I hope you are aware of the fact that fuels when burnt, produces gas like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which are not a friend of yours and your family. So check regularly if the snow has blocked your chimney, otherwise blocked chimney will not let these gases out and force them into your own home.

4. Trim the trees

Snowstorms are something we all are aware of and can knock on our doors without prior notice. Trees are most vulnerable to storms and can cause damage to our home as well. So just trim the overgrown branches of trees around your home. Make sure you stay eco-friendly by not cutting down the whole tree.

5. Color your home dark

Dark colors, especially black collect heat and keep the environment warm, as proven by scientists. So, the dark shades in the room retains maximum heat and increases the efficiency of your already existing heating system, not to mention saving your money. Contact Lyskaam for a free quotation

6. Go through your walls and heating system

Before winter hits hard on you, it is highly recommended to check your walls, windows and pipes of any cracks or leakage. The professional can charge you a lot if winter is here, so take action when winter is coming. Check whether if your heating system is on its place, up and running.

7. Clean your gutters regularly

As mentioned earlier in the post, blockage of gutters has it own consequences which you might not like. So clean it on a regular basis so the fluids can move smoothly through it.

There is never a time when you are done with preparing your home for winter. But you can always take these necessary steps on a regular basis so that you can save yourself and your fortune from the steps to cure the remedies. And by the way, we are a professional painting and cleaning service in Montreal that gives your walls a handsome look, both interior and exterior, and the tidiness to prolong the lifespan of you and your walls.