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Thinking of a Renovation – Ideas that might Interest you!

What will be your reaction if you get to eat the same thing for next month, 3 times a day (even if it’s your favourite dish)? What if you are asked to wear the same clothes for the next 2 months? What if you are challenged to watch the same movie 100 times within a week? The answer is obvious and you know it well. But wait.. aren’t most people doing some similar things already? They are feeding their eyes the same view each and every day. They are keeping their walls wearing the same clothes for not 2 months but for years. They are already watching the same movie of their surroundings every day. But at this point you might ask that you haven’t noticed that for a long span of time because of your busy time schedule, so why not keep it unnoticed for an even longer period? Why does it matter? But to your shock, it does matter and matters a lot more than you think. It has been proven that giving your eyes some soothing new views can really add to your positive mindset. And what’s a better place to start than your own home? As an added bonus, doing some type of renovations around you in a while can also contribute to the cleanliness of your walls, on which dust has been accumulating since ages (which impacts your hygiene). So overall, it’s a win-win situation for you to renovate and here are some ideas that might interest you from Lyskaam Coatings – Professional Painting Services in Montreal. 

1. Reduce the weight from your wall

Sometimes a lot of things on your wall can contribute to the shabbiness of it. So it is a good idea to reduce the weight from your walls by just keeping the things that have a purpose and adds value to walls. For example- too many portraits, paintings or photos on your walls can cover a big part of it and over-dominate the paint applied, so it’s recommended to maintain a balance between the both and blend it to perfection. To cover up a few cracks on your walls, it is a good idea to put it behind the frame. But if the cracks are more, we advise you to go for new paint.

2. Replace the old or rearrange the existing ones

Sometimes the solution for a better and beautiful home is not to remove things but to replace things. For example- if the mirrors look too big on the walls then it is better to add a mirror of small and sufficient size. Give your flowers a new vase. Replace the old showpieces with new ones. But what if you already are over your monthly budget and cannot spend a dime in replacing old things with new? One good solution for you is to rearrange the existing things and trying new variations. And sometimes rearranging things can also make your room look more spacious.

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

3. Go for green revolution

This might be the best and most fruitful idea to beautify your home. Because it is scientifically proven that more the green factor around you, the more it will add positivity to your life. And another good thing about flowers and plants is that it also cleanses the air in and around your home. That’s why it is recommended to “go green” both, inside and outside your home. If you have a lawn outside your home then you can grow a bunch of beautiful flowers or you can give designs to the bushes. But most people don’t have the privilege of lawns, so they can target the interiors. Flower pots, plant pots are easy and good ideas to start with. Small gardens or garlands in your balcony will also add stars to your home decor.

4. Go creative

There is a whole lot of creative things you can do to improve your home decor and utilise the space well, no matter how big or small your home is. So keep your creative antenna on an alert mode to grab the opportunities to make any visitor’s eyes pop out. But if you need a little push to awake the creativity inside you then I highly recommend to check out this article (https://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/insanely-clever-remodeling-ideas-for-your-new-home).

5. Give your walls a new outfit

A fresh coat of paint to get a fresh look can always make you feel fresh and in an upgraded version of yourself. Colors have their own underestimated history of influencing people’s behaviour, decisions and mood. So trying around new color splashes and designs once in a while is always advisable. The benefits and result you will get after new paint will always overtake that the price you have paid for it. For expert Painting Services and guidance to choose the best colors for your home, Contact Lyskaam.

Change and hope are what keeps the world going. Change for the betterment is what motivates a human to hustle. So why not renovate your surroundings around which you spend most of your life for the betterment of your life. And there is a quote that goes something like this “If you want better things to come then you have to let loose the things that keep preventing it”. So start from somewhere, keep changing and attract positivity.