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Types of Paints – Pick as per your Requirements

When coloring your walls the only thing you have to choose is the color, and then you should go to the market and buy paint. Right? Absolutely wrong. Choosing which type of paint you are going to use is equally… no, more important than choosing the color if you want long-lasting results and stain-free walls. Each and every part of the home has different requirements and goes through different levels of harshness. For example, you just can’t use the same type of paint for bedroom and bathroom (unless you want the layer of paint torn apart in front of your eyes) because later is more exposed to water. But no worries, we Lyskaam- Paint services in Montreal has got you covered to make you informed enough to make the right choice for the type of paint so that you can enjoy other things without worrying about your paint. Here are the types of paint to consider for your walls:-

1. Oil-Based Paint

A lot many times people paint their walls only to see that during the rainy season the layer of paint start cracking because water penetrates the roof, reaches the paint, cracks it and breaks your heart. If you are the victim of the same then oil-based paint is there to rescue you. It is durable and water-resistant, because last time I checked, oil doesn’t mix with water. Oil-based paint offers much better surface penetration, making it a good choice for stained surfaces, metals and wood as well. On the downside, it takes a bit higher time to dry than other paints. And I wish that it doesn’t get spilt on any surface unintentionally as it will take a lot of effort to clean it up.

2. Water-Based Paint

Water-based paint is a better choice to opt for interior walls as compared to oil-based paints. It provides you relief as it carries less odour with it. Cleaning it up isn’t going to be the most tedious task you had. Apart from that, this type of paint takes less time to dry. The life of water-based paint is good but not enough to beat oil-based paints.

3. Latex-Based Paint

An ideal choice for exteriors, latex-based paint is easy to apply and dries quickly as well. As the sun getting angrier on us day by day, the effects of direct sunlight on walls are going on the bitter side. But thanks to Latex-based paint, that will not be a problem any more as it is resistant to the effects of direct sunlight. There are latex-based paints that are for interiors as well but both types of paint cannot take place of each other i.e. latex-based paint for interior should only be used for interior and vice-versa. The highest quality latex paint is acrylic latex, which can be used for all building material.

4. Flat Paint

Flat paint falls flat when it comes to durability. That’s why it isn’t a good choice for the bathroom, kitchen and walls that are frequently touched. But it is an affordable choice for untouched interior walls such as ceilings. Apart from limited use, it also doesn’t give the desirable exquisite look we expect after the finish. The only perk for buying this paint is its affordability.

5. Eggshell Paint

Sometimes the paint is durable but not affordable. Sometimes it’s affordable but not durable. Wouldn’t it be good if you can get the best of both worlds? Fortunately, there is a way. Eggshell paint is durable enough to survive some harsh beatings while maintaining its affordability. This one is the most popular type of paint out there in the market because of its all-around qualities. Eggshell paint provides low lustre finish which is good for ceilings and other important areas as well. And its easy cleaning ability is like the cherry on top.

6. Semi-gloss Paint

Semi-gloss paint produces less shine than full-gloss paint and that’s an advantage because more shiny finishes exaggerate the stains and spots on it. Shiny finishes are more vulnerable to imperfections. It offers durability and is suitable for areas with high engagement. But commonly it is used for decoration purposes than on walls as a base paint, but it doesn’t mean at all that it’s incapable of that. Easy to clean with soap and water makes it a good choice for the kitchen and bathroom.

7. Satin

Providing soft shine finish to walls, Satin is a paint that has its own share of applications. Due to its durability, it stands the test of time, making it a good option for high traffic rooms. Scrub it, clean it, but it won’t disappoint you and will stand firm on its place. But… it also has its share of cons as well, which if kept in mind can give you a good return on investment. It is more exposed to application flaws where some lazy painters can leave you hanging with unwanted strokes of brushes and rollers.

This was some information on commonly used types of paint. But mere information won’t make you an expert. It also takes experience. So contact Lyskaam Coatings– to get personalised recommendations on which type of paint to use according to the environment of your home. We also offer a cleaning service where we clean your walls and add a lifeline to your family. Did I mention that it is recommended to clean your walls in certain periods of time? Stay happy, stay clean and spread colors.