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Types of Wall Painting Designs for Exotic Interiors

One day I was bored with the walls of my home so I started wondering “How can I make it more appealing and attractive?”. I thought I can make vertical thin lines around it, but horizontal lines also look good, how about a combination of both? Can I put colorful shapes on my wall? Square or circle or diamond or random? Amoeba-shaped color splashes also sounds fun………

Painting a wall is an art because painting is not a repetitive job where you choose a color, we pick our brush and start painting. Painting has endless possibilities and can go as far as human imagination can. So learn more of these famous painting techniques with Lyskaam – professional painting services in Montreal and make your walls talk:-

1. Strie

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit – youtube.com

Stri in English means striated i.e. having linear and parallel thin lines. So you get the idea of how the wall might look. In Stri, we use a special type of brush to make thin lines on the wall. Lines, whether horizontal or vertical, can make your walls more royal and appealing.

2. Color Wash

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit – archiexpo.com

Have you ever used a broom to clean your floor? While using a broom we go smooth and random all over the floor. Color wash is a technique which resembles that same methodology. The unevenness of color brightness and thin strips, produced as a resultant of going smooth and random, is what makes that wall distinguished from others.

3. Taped

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit = frogtape.com

Taped is smart painting technique in which we apply tapes on the wall in a random or systematic way, but closed shapes are preferred. Now apply paint on the wall and then remove the tapes. As a resultant, you will get beautiful designs that make your interior even more charming.

4. Rag Rolling

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit – pinterest.com

Another easy technique which can make you stare at your walls for the whole day. In this one, after applying paint to the walls, we pick a rag i.e a piece of cloth moulded until it looks like a hotdog. Now roll that hotdog on the wall to be beautified. Then what.. stare your walls.

5. Ombre

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit: merkeldieeidbrecherin.com

In Ombre, your journey starts with a beautiful color which suddenly fades out to become another color, mostly white. To make this wonder happen, we start with painting your walls (assuming it has the background of color to be faded into) from bottom or top like the normal way (full width of the wall needs to be covered). Then after a certain point, we dilute the paint a bit and continue to paint with a sprayer, leaving some part uncolored to create a fading effect.

6. Wall Stenciling

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit – template.net

It is a fast and inexpensive way to beautify your walls. All you have to do is purchase stencils i.e. a cardboard or paper having beautiful designs cut out on it. Then start coloring your walls through that stencils to create patterns to “wow” everyone that pass nearby it. But expert guidance is still recommended.

7. Checkerboard

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit – pinterest.com

It is similar to the “Taped” technique. In this one, according to the size of your wall decide how many squares would be perfect or the size of each square. Then mark your whole wall with a pencil according to the decided dimensions of the square. Now apply tape on that pencils marks to prevent paint from crossing its boundary. For your reference, you can mark the squares “not” to be painted. Then start applying paint and make sure to be within the borders. Now slowly remove all the tapes to enjoy the “Checkerboard” experience on your walls.

8. Marbleizing

Lyskaam - Professional Paint Services in Montreal
Image Credit – bhg.com

It is self-explanatory that it has something to do with marbles. This technique will give your walls a look of marble, without actually using marble. Take 2-3 colors not having much of shade difference for example- light orange and red, dark green and black. Apply each color on the wall turn-by-turn in a diagonal strip manner. Take a wet(not much) wool pad and rub every color used in a small amount on it. Softly pat that wool pad on the wall to see the beautiful blending of all the colors. Now take the diluted white paint (depends on colors used in the first place) and start making veins on it add beautiful veining effect to its charm. At last use a dry brush to lighten and blur veins.

Any of these painting techniques have the power to turn any boring wall into what we call a masterpiece wall. And the best part is that almost all of these techniques are easy to apply and cost effective. But let me warn you that although it is easy to apply, any wrong step can backfire on your dreams of beautiful walls. So, next time, when you will be looking for a Paint Contractor or a Local Painter, it is highly recommended to hire an expert for that. So to reduce your hassle and to make your walls alive, contact Lyskaam which always aims to be over your expectations.