CCQ 735-178


RBQ 5659-5077-01


CNESST 40797691


Office space should be a classy style of art that’s meant to be motivating to those who work with you. When it comes to the workplace, there is a lot more than just applying paint to the walls. Having your offices painted can be either an easy or difficult process, depending upon the office painting contractor you use. Your offices are the first thing that people see when they enter your business. It’s important that this first impression is not only a good one, but also properly represents what your business is about. Much of the confusion can be eliminated by preplanning. If there’s preparation prior to painting, such as the moving of furniture, who is responsible and where it is stored, needless to mention all the logistics are professionally addressed. We use low odor products whenever possible, so our customer’s staff don’t complain about the smell.